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Hi, I'm Katie.  It's lovely to meet you.

I'm an artist based in Perth, Western Australia

I specialise in Pastel Paintings of our WA Coastline, and I also love creating with mixed media.

An Unexpected Journey

Here's my  truth:  In the beginning, being an artist was not part of my life plan. 
I spent the most part of my early career completing a psychology degree.  It was incredibly fascinating and the career possibilities were limitless.  However, my soul grew restless.  Then, at 26, I discovered paint-by-numbers.  I picked up a paintbrush, and something magic happened.  Art bridged the gap between my clinical studies and my creative desires.
Art became a hobby for me over the next few years, and while I felt in my heart that I truly belonged in the creative industries, my 'pragmatic brain' convinced me that I should continue my degree in Psychology. 

There is a saying, however, that 'what you resist, persists'...and it's true.  You can't force a square peg into a round hole.
I eventually deferred my course and decided just to enjoy life for awhile.  I focused on my job, having fun - and somewhere in there I got married and we built a house together!

It was in my late 30s that my journey took an unexpected turn. 
My husband and I had been undergoing IVF together, however it had taken its toll on my body, and we decided not to continue. 
It took awhile for my body to recover and during this time I did some soul searching.  I felt I needed to find a sense of purpose and give myself permission to change direction.  Once again, art appeared in my world and soothed me in so many ways.  I
painted, smudged, inked and collaged to my hearts content.  Art brought me what I was craving:  connection, healing, creativity and freedom.
I realised I had spend years investing in a degree that wasn't bringing me joy. But, how was I supposed to give it up?  Sometimes giving ourselves permission to follow our truth is the hardest part of the process.
The funny thing is, for me - knowing it in my head was the easy part; saying it out loud was the hardest.

In 2020, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Design (Visual Arts & Photography) and have transformed our spare room into an art studio.
I am incredibly grateful.  


I chose to be an artist rather than complete my Psychology degree, because I believe on a soul level that this is what I am meant to do.

An important part of this decision was realizing that I haven't completely abandoned my interest in psychology.  I am still curious, learning, listening and sharing ideas.  I am still making an impact.  Art and writing have always helped me to navigate emotions. 
It's the same message, just a different medium.

Nurturing my creativity has taught me to trust the mess and take risks - to embrace uncertainty and change. 
It brings me unbridled joy and freedom.
Photo credit: bluemoosephotos

'The two most important days in your life are the day you were born
and the day you find out why' - Anonymous

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