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Welcome to my art studio :)

This beautiful little room has gone from being a cluttered spare room in our house, to somewhere I can create freely.

Being a fairly small space, I had to give a lot of consideration to the room layout...and it went through several transformations before we got to this place.

It's a work in progress which I am very grateful for.  I have my study desk, my work desk  -complete with wall-mounted TV (and PS4 for those cheeky gaming sessions), my piano, several storage areas and a bookcase.

Eventually I am going to install wall shelving for additional storage space - mostly to avoid having things on the's a very easy room to over-clutter, and I want to walk into a room that welcomes me, rather than be overwhelmed.

The window behind the curtain is going to to be removed, and a sliding door put in its place.  The idea is to have a functional outdoor 'cafe' area to create art in the fresh air. 

However, like all things worth having, beautiful things take time to build!

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