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Care December

What a year it's been (I think I say that every year!)...but this year has been different. 2022 has been the year I decided to take the first step towards my art business. I created my website, I deleted my social profiles and created FB and Insta accounts dedicated solely for art. I cleaned out the spare room in our house and created an art studio where I can design, paint and play - and do my art degree as well (sweet, huh?) I am blessed. I am extremely fortunate to live near a beautiful stretch of coastline that offers endless inspiration - not just for my seascapes, but for creativity and mindset in general.

Speaking of mindset, this brings me to the subject of this post! Care December.

Sooo, Care December is a free offering run online via

and is 21 days of mindful, intuitive mixed-media art journalling. It's an opportunity to give yourself more space for self expression through art making and self care through the month of December. I'll be posting my daily creations on my blog as I go along.

Here's Day 1: Good Intentions

This was interesting because I initially thought my intention for Care December would be to simplify and invest in self care...and it is, however something that resonates with me is that I do not spend enough time simplifying my home life. So my intention is to invest in self care practices in the comfort of my own home. I created this piece "Home Sweet Home" because this is ultimately my safe space, the location of my art studio and a place where art and creativity come to life. When I don't nurture this space, it becomes chaotic and I start to feel out of alignment. So my intention is to bring as much love, joy and nurture into my home as possible.

I used acrylic paint, die-cuts & stencils by #paperrosestudios, distress ink by #timholtz, collage paper by #dinawakely

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