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There is Always Hope - Art Collaboration

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I recently had the absolute privilege of collaborating with Sydney Author, Dave Stewart. My goal was to create an art piece as a tribute to his book 'One Day, One Life'.

To give you an insight, Dave's book gives a raw and honest account of his own experience with addiction, anxiety, loss and love. Through telling his story, he challenges perceptions of addiction and mental health. I love how he writes with humility and candid humour. For me personally, Dave's story is about what it means to be human, the struggles of anxiety - and the power of forgiveness - whilst offering an easier, softer way to live.

As part of our collaboration, I requested a theme to base the artwork on.

Dave suggested Hope - that there is always Hope. In addition, I chose to to focus on a chapter within his book called 'A Special Spot'.

This chapter focuses on the importance of finding/having a place where we can reconnect with ourselves. In Dave's words, 'A spot that somehow knows and welcomes you. Letting go to live. To live and laugh and love. Free. All because of my spot'.

With the above in mind, I decided to create a pastel painting of a shoreline at sunrise. It depicts the beginning of a new day - a place where there is always hope. I chose pastels with the intention of creating a 'softness' to the landscape. I wanted light to play a focal part in this piece, transcending from the sky and across the water.

To quote directly from Dave's book:

'I am not showing you how to get well or do the best you can.

What is "best" mean anyway?

Best compared to who or what?

All I am trying to express is another way to live, an easier and softer way to live that is without the potential of distraction.

You may reach an alignment or reach an awakening.

You may learn to choose to change from some of my experiences.

You may decide to take an easier path.

For me, though, in the end, it doesn't matter.

Nothing does matter, apart from today.

Your day, my day.

One Day, one life'

- Excerpt taken from 'One Day, One Life', by Dave Stewart

More information can be found here:

'There Is Always Hope' by Katie Brooks

(Pastel on Paper)

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