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Week 2, Friday 19 January: The Process Begins

Updated: May 10

I came into this week with the intention of getting as much foundation work done as possible. Taking into account that next week (26 January) is Australia Day and a public holiday here in Perth, I won't be back here again for a fortnight.

Oh! I also improved my organisational process going forward. I decided I needed a trolley due to the amount of equipment I am bring to AVC each Friday. Look at this fabulous trolley cart I found:

Today was all about getting the basics down - including the outline of the Airbus.

Once this was done, I focused on filling in the plane with the base colour...which composed mainly of different shades of grey and white. It was a fun process!

I ended up filling in the majority of the sky, just to get some base layer of pastel down - and also determine where I want to go from here (in terms of creating the cloud cover).

There is A LOT of shading to be done over the coming weeks - but it's got direction now.

My challenge for Week 3 is to find the right shade of grey for the jet engines...I tried various pastels today, and they just didn't sit right with me.

Overall, I'm really pleased with today's progress.

Just playing around with colours and swatches before I fill in the plane.

Filling in the plane and workout out where the shadows are. This is going to involve using various shade of white and very light greys.

A really rough blue background, just to get some colour down. It helps me gauge the area I am working with. It was nice to get the outline of the engines in as well. I've got quite the task ahead of me with those clouds! Go forth an conquer 😉

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