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The Process Begins

Week 2 of my work placement with AVC Composites. I came into this week with the intention of getting as much foundation work done as possible. Taking into account that next week (26 January) is Australia Day and a public holiday here in Perth, I won't be back here again for a fortnight.

Today was all about getting the basics down - including the outline of the Airbus.

Once this was done, I focused on filling in the plane with the base colour...which composed mainly of different shades of grey and white. It was a fun process!

I ended up filling in the majority of the sky, just to give the painting some dimension - and also determine where I want to go from here (in terms of creating the cloud cover).

There is A LOT of shading to be done over the coming weeks - but it's got direction now.

My challenge for Week 3 is to find the right shade of grey for the jet engines...I tried various pastels today, and they just didn't sit right with me.

Overall, I'm really pleased with today's progress.

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