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Week 4, Friday 9 February: Getting the Blues

Updated: May 10

This morning tested me 😂 I keep reminding myself to have fun and enjoy the process...but I think this is just a challenging part of the process. There are parts of this painting where the clouds look beautiful and 3D, but specifically in the top half, I'm losing the blue. And also...the jet engines are out of proportion 🤣 Grrrr! Time to take a break

After lunch, I went across the road to visit Framesport. They are the picture framers which Paul van Duren (GM at AVC) suggested I contacted for framing my artwork.

What a fantastic experience this was. The owner was very helpful and was happy to provide a quote and suggest framing options.

Paul is currently on annual leave in Japan at the moment - however, when he returns in 2 weeks time, we will revisit the framing.

In the meantime, I had a look around the warehouse at Framesport. The two photos that you see below is part of a mural painted on the warehouse wall. The work is done by artist

Jacob Butler - who goes by @shakeyartist on social media. The majority of his work is created with spray paint. Absolutely incredible.

Upon returning to AVC, I decided my priority for this afternoon needed to be the clouds. So time to have another crack at them.

Trying to highlight where the sun is hitting to top of the clouds, and given the painting some dimension.

Making progress. There's definitely more depth - but there's work to be done. The jet engines will have to wait for another day!

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