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Week 9, Friday 15 March: It's 'Not White Enough' & It's Time We Had That Conversation 😂

Updated: May 10

The title of this week's post is tongue-in-cheek specifically because I had a very in depth conversation with Paul (GM at Aviation Composites) this morning with regards to the artwork. He was critiquing my artwork in preparation for it to be framed. After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that the plane was just not 'popping'.

We explored the idea of whether we could make the airbus 'whiter' with a different pastel, however as I demonstrated to Paul, the white pastel that I was using was specifically for highlights (for example, where the sunlight is reflecting off the plane). If I over blended, the plane would lose dimension and disappear into the clouds. On that note, Paul advised the clouds in the top half of the painting didn't seem to be flowing with the bottom half.

Example shown below BEFORE making the change

It was decided between both of us that background (specifically the blue behind the clouds) needed to be darker to make everything else stand out. The blue in the background is actually the ocean - so it did in fact need to be a lot darker.

I was a little disheartened at first, considering I honestly felt the painting was ready to be framed when I entered the studio that morning. However, after reflecting back through photos I had taken of the previous weeks - I realised what needed to be done.

The video below demonstrates how I achieved this.

Example shown below AFTER making the changes.

There's still more blending to be done next week. This remainder of the afternoon is being devoted to Task 2 where I interview Paul van Duren 😊

Before I forget, here is a list of the additional pastels I used to bring out the colour:

Faber Castel Pastel Pitt Pencils:

1122-199 (Black)

1121-273 (Brown/Grey)

1121-233 (Grey)

1122-177 (Dark Brown)

1122-101 (White)

1122-151 (Dark Blue)

1122-143 (Medium Blue)

1122-140 (Light Blue)

Art Spectrum Round Soft Pastels:

T526 Ultramarine Blue

Caput Mortuum V

Caput Mortuum X554

Flinders Blue

My emergency stash of soft pastels.

These are a combination of Art Spectrum and Schminke Soft Round Pastels. These little bits are basically bits that have broken off a full stick. They are fantastic for small areas with their jagged edges, when you don't want to use a full stick.

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