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Week 1, Friday 12 January: The Start of a New Boeing

Updated: May 10

Well, it's not actually a Boeing - but it is the start of new beginning! Today I commenced my work placement with AVC Composites.

Watch this video for a tour:

The project involves creating a painting of an Airbus A320 neo (which is a small jet).

This is going to be my largest artwork yet, measuring approximately 1m x 680mm.

Photo of the Airbus A320 neo - I was given this photo by Paul van Duren (GM of Aviation Composites). I am using this photo as a guide.

Below is a list of supplies that I am using to create the artwork:

Supplies used:

Soft Pastels (Art Spectrum & Schminke)

Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pens

Art Spectrum Colourfix Pastel Paper

Backing Board (MDF, 1200 x 900, 6mm thick)

Painters Tape

Pencil / Eraser

Rulers (30cm & 60cm)

Measuring Tape (5m)

Stand-up Easel

I used my first day of placement to set up my workspace. We ran into a small hiccup early AM with the Backing Board being too thin (this is the MDF you can see behind the pastel paper).

The one that was originally sourced was 3mm - however due to the size (1200 x 900) it was too flimsy on the easel. It was replaced shortly afterwards with a 6mm board. Happy days!

Easel set up with painter's backing board mounted.

Adhering the pastel paper to the backing board with masking tape.

This was quite a task considering I'm short 🤣 In future, when I make a project on this scale it might be easier to lay the backing board on the floor while I'm adhering the masking tape. Then mount it on the easel (hindsight is a great thing!).

Also, the reason I start applying patches of pastel towards the end of the video is because I noticed there were scratches on the pastel paper. I didn't notice this when I purchased it, as it had been rolled up. I wanted to make sure before I progressed any further that the scratch marks could be covered up easily with pastel - which they were.

Pastel paper adhered to backing board. I drew in Gridlines at this point so I could upscale the image to the required site.

Basic outlines of Airbus. VERY early days. The dark shadow you see on the left hand side was to cover up some prominent scratch marks on the paper. It was fairly easy to cover up - however in future, I will be double checking the material before purchase.

I should also give a more in-depth description of the pastel materials I will be using throughout this project:

Faber Castel Pastel Pitt Pencils

Sennelier Soft Pastel Stick - 'Summer Sky' Range

Art Spectrum N526 Ultramarine Blue - I had to use this pastel to cover up the scratch marks on the left hand side of the paper. It's quite an intense colour - so I use it sparingly.

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