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The Start of a New Boeing

Well, it's not actually a Boeing - but it is the start of new beginning! Today I commenced my work placement with AVC Composites. This work placement is part of my Visual Arts degree which I'm completing through uni.

The project involves creating a painting of an Airbus A320 neo (which is a small jet).

This is going to be my largest artwork yet, measuring 1m x 680mm.

Supplies used:

Soft Pastels (Art Spectrum & Schminke)

Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pens

Art Spectrum Colourfix Pastel Paper

Backing Board (MDF, 1200 x 900, 6mm thick)

Painters Tape

Pencil / Eraser

Rulers (30cm & 60cm)

Measuring Tape (5m)

Stand-up Easel

Photo of the Airbus A320 neo - I'm using this as my guide

Pastel paper mounted on easel - VERY early days

I used my first day of placement to set up my workspace (laptop, art supplies in once corner; easel (shown above) in the opposite corner). We ran into a small hiccup early AM with the Backing Board being too thin (this is the MDF you can see behind the pastel paper).

The one that was originally sourced was 3mm - however due to the size (1200 x 900) it was too flimsy on the easel. It was replaced shortly afterwards with a 6mm board (that you can see above). Happy days!

I spent the rest of the day mapping out gridlines on the photo and pastel paper...then tracing a very basic outline of where the jet is going to be positioned.

I'll be honest - this part of the process is my least favourite. For me, this stage feels messy because I am just putting my first layer of pastel down and experimenting with colours, so it looks to me like a blob of black/blue that isn't really going anywhere. This happens to me during my seascape paintings as well. It's always the first layer. You know you're going to end up with a work of's having the patience to let it evolve.

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