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Week 11, Friday 5 April: QR Codes & Carbon Fiber

Updated: May 10

The first task for today was taking my completed art work across to SportsFrame. Paul and I took it across and we picked out a suitable Frame and Plaque.

I wish I had taken photos of the beautiful brushed silver frame, and white matte board that we chose...but I was having some kind of anxiety attack in the framing studio 🤣 I was really concerned that the art work was going to get smudged or scratched. I had been so focused getting it to the framers, that I hadn't brought any wax paper to cover it with.

Thankfully, SportsFrame had protective material to cover the piece with and I could relax. The framed piece will be ready mid May, so I will upload a photo to my blog once I see it 😊

Back at AVC, I continued with the business cards. I created a QR Code which is linked with the AVC website


It was decided that the back of the card should be black with the AVC Logo in red (colours as per the company style guide). Instead of just matte black, I incorporated a Carbon Fiber Twill back ground design (which you can see below).

The front of the card still needs work...and we need to decide where the aircraft are going to be positioned. At this point, we have decided not to continue with a collage of aircraft to keep things simple.

Template 1

In the next template, I designed both sides with the carbon fiber twill background. I also incorporated the five aircraft types that Paul had chosen and changed some of the text to white so there was contrast between the colours. Time to regroup again!

Template 2

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