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Week 12, Friday 12 April: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Updated: May 10

I couldn't help but make reference to Dr Suess on my last day of work placement. It just seemed fitting considering how far things have come from Week 1.

This morning we came to a decision for the final template of the business cards. See design below. The logo has been enlarged slightly, and it was decided that three main aircraft types would be used. The reason for this is that DG500 Glider, Airbus A320 & Sikorkey S92 are the main types of aircraft worked on at AVC - so it's fitting that these are represented in the business cards.

I spent the rest of the day contacting printing companies for quotes on print options. We ended up going through Picasso Print (a local company who offered the best value for money, and also came up with a great idea for the Carbon Fiber Twill design in the background).

They sent through the below proof, with the following description:

'Our designer Gemma has applied the UV varnish which is represented in the pink visual,  of course this will not print pink at all it will be high gloss black amongst the carbon fibre pattern to give a fancy effect! Through experience I think your customer will be very happy these graphic visuals look quite impressive when used in this context.'

With Paul's approval, I liaised with the Purchasing Officer to pay for the cards and order 7 sets for each employee. The business cards will be delivered mid May.

It feels surreal to be finishing up my placement - but it's been thoroughly enjoyable, and for the most part I have stuck to my intention of having fun.

The following video probably sums up everything I'm feeling right now:

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